Troy Burchett - Man of God

  Troy Burchett
Troy was born with 20/2200 vision which is considered legally blind in most states. He has struggled with his vision and works each day to overcome this problem. As a boy, he traveled with his family as part of a ministry of which his father was an evangelical preacher with all family members providing the music. Through this he learned a Love of God and a Love for Gospel Music.

Later in life Troy became interested in things apart from the church. He sang and wrote country and R&B/rock music, earned an associate college degree, and also sang in a college touring group called The Big Sandy Singers. He earned a black belt and other degrees in karate. He also won a World Championship in Karate in 2001 and has a Kenpo Karate training program currently on the internet.

Troy returned to gospel music full time in 2007 and has spent his time since then performing in different venues. He has appeared on television, and has recorded songs in various styles of gospel music, including Southern Gospel and Contemporary Southern Gospel.

In 2007 Troy also started Troy Burchett Ministries which include his music ministry, a nursing home outreach program, and a life skills/physical program for children and adults.

In 2009 the Ministry served over 100 children with 250 contact hours and over 100 adults with 180 contact hours. His CDs include THE TROY BURCHETT STORY, and LEAVE IT AT THE CROSS, both Southern Gospel CDs, and FREE IN DEED, a Contemporary Southern Gospel CD. He also has written a book entitled The STORY OF A GOSPEL SINGER about his struggles with his vision problem and his life in gospel music.

At this time Troy is a devoted gospel singer whose goal is to bring the BLESSED ASSURANCE of THE WORD OF GOD and THE LOVE OF JESUS to as many people as possible through music and his other ministries.